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Health and Safety Consultancy

Review, Development and implementation of H&S policies and procedures

LM Health and Safety can help you to understand the local regulatory requirements, interpret standards and project requirements to enable you to identify gaps in your management systems and to review and develop your policies and procedures to facilitate compliance and sustainability. Following the development of the procedures and processes necessary, we can help and guide organisations during the implementation stage and enable them to go beyond compliance.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control

LM Health and Safety can assist you in identifying your workplace hazards, conduct Risk Assessments and propose adequate control measures to enable you to ensure workplace Health and Safety. Where high risk activities are undertaken, our H&S professionals can facilitate your risk assessment process with your team, review method statements and other related documentation.

Third Party Inspection and Auditing

LM Health and Safety can undertake inspections and audits designed specifically for your requirements or assist you in the development of your inspection and audit protocols. Our expertise can be utilised to provide an independent and objective view of your business and workplace or harnessed to enable you to develop the skills and processes necessary for you to undertake these processes effectively and efficiently yourselves.

Accident and Incident Investigation

LM Health and Safety believes that all accidents are preventable; however, they do still happen. To ensure accidents do not reoccur you must conduct an effective investigation. LM Health and Safety Consultants have extensive experience in undertaking accident and incident investigations and being a third party ensures that we have an unbiased fact dependent approach. Our investigation experience includes the investigation of major accidents and fatalities for companies, on behalf of legal representatives and for our clients.

Identification of Legal and Other Requirements

The Development of Legal Register (register of obligations) takes into consideration all Legal and Other Requirements relating to your activities to ensure the preservation of human health, the safety of workers, and the society in general. We evaluate local Legal, Contractual, Shareholder, etc. requirements.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomic Assessments ensure that a worker’s workstation is ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of injury and maximise productivity. Our Consultants can conduct Display Screen Equipment, Workstation, Control Room, Office space, etc. Assessments.

Health & Safety Statistics & Trend Analysis

Some tasks carry a greater risk of workplace injury than others. Therefore, it is important that organisations identify these tasks, study their incident and accident data to ensure their efforts, objectives and resources are used to control their main risk areas.

Event Safety

Health and Safety should be an integral part of any event. The number of different contractors involved in an event, the building of temporary structures (such as stages and props), limited time for buildup and take down increases the risks to the crew and the public. Whatever the scale of the event, LM Health and Safety can help you to put on an event that is both safe and enjoyable.

Covid-19 Management

Workplace management of COVID-19 risk not only protects your workplace but also our society. LM Health and Safety can help you develop Covid-19 protocols/procedures in line with local government and WHO requirements and recommendations and also tailored to your organizational needs and resources.

Health and Safety Training

Besides off-the-shelf training courses, our Health and Safety Professionals can develop bespoke training tailored to your organization and the intended audience. Bespoke courses are important where you want your employees to understand the way you manage Occupational Health and Safety in your organisation. Our flexible and cost-effective training packages range from traditional presentations to high end Senior Management Workshops.

Bespoke Training

LM Health and Safety reviews an organisations procedures and processes to develop a training that is bespoke to the Client, incorporating the minimum requirement of general training for the particular topic and combining it with the organisation’s specific requirements and processes.

Examples of bespoke training previously developed for clients are:

  • Accident Investigation;
  • Permit to Work;
  • Ergonomics and working with display screen equipment;
  • Behaviour Based Safety;
  • Management of Contractors;
  • And others.

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About Us

LM Health and Safety is an independent company established by Lamis Al-Kaisi and associates to provide Health and Safety services for the public and private sector across the GCC and internationally. With a combined 36 years of experience in the field of H&S and 11 years’ experience of working throughout the GCC, LM Health and Safety is a great asset to you and your organisation

LM Health and Safety is a company registered in the UAE and works either independently or in association with our strategic partners.


Our experience covers a wide range of industry sectors to include Construction, Oil and Gas, Energy, Retail, Banking and Leisure Sectors amongst others.

Happy Stories

“When our organization needed an expert to lead us through bespoke HSE training i.e. HSE management, hazardous identification and risk assessment & implementation, I called Lamis for help. Her knowledge and ability to translate that knowledge into action to all levels within our organization was invaluable. She helped us make the complicated – “simple”. She also was an asset as far as answering technical related questions that arose during the process. I can now say that all O&M team are much more aware of workplace hazards and its identification. I highly recommend Lamis for the HSE training for the management team and especially for the new Omani staff as she can deliver the good quality training both in Arabic and English for a better understanding”
Khalid Hameed (Senior Training Engineer) Phoenix Operation & Maintenance Co. LLC, 2000 MW, Sur IPP-Sultanate of Oman.
“Our professional relationship with Lamis started in 2013 when she was part of the team that helped us to develop our H&S system in compliance with OHSAS 18001, to which we were successfully certified. Lamis then continued to support us by developing and providing bespoke H&S training, undertaking ergonomic assessments of our workstations, providing support to our EHS functions and more. Lamis has the interpersonal skills and ability to adapt her communication style and reporting techniques dependent upon the seniority of the audience. She provides valuable support to any business. If you hire Lamis, you will discover the value of experience and success.”

Abdulrahman Abushawish (Technical Manager)
Mesaieed Power Company, Qatar


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